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Tales of our life in the Mizala Valley

Water water everywhere

Pod taking a dip in the Rambla
Pod taking a dip in the Rambla

We live in a very dry part of the world.  We are right next door to the only desert in Europe.  We are on the mains here for water, but you wouldn’t know it most of the time.  On the rare occasions when we do get water via the mains, the pressure isn’t enough to get up to the tanks at the back of the house, so we have to pump it up from a small tank at the front.

For a while we had the “bucket of hope”  (see the blog post Mark’s philosophy) positioned under a stand pipe, but now we have got used to ordering a tanker when the supplies get low.

Sometimes the water pressure gets turned up – and then we get lots of lovely water, but it’s difficult to predict when this will happen.  Sometimes, if the pressure is turned up too high, there are leaks in the pipe – and then the water supply will stop altogether.

We did discover why we were unlikely to get any water after one particular leak.  Although someone had been out to “fix” it, the solution wasn’t likely to allow much water through to us.

The leak is fixed.
The leak is fixed.

The fix was simply to bend the pipe over and tie it up with some string…

You should be on the stage…

…the next stage out of town.

The opening of AWFF
The opening of AWFF

We went to the Almeria Western Film Festival last week.  The opening parade reminded me of Buxton Carnival.
There were floats and home made costumes – some wonderful, some a bit thrown together – there were enthusiastic children and self conscious teenagers and quite a few adults who fitted very clearly in to the enthusiastic or self-conscious pigeon holes too. Continue reading You should be on the stage…

The Spanish Project

The band playing at Mizala fiesta - with firemen standing by, just in case...
The band playing at Mizala fiesta – with firemen standing by, just in case…

When we first started looking for properties in Spain it was with the aim of buying somewhere where I could run special interest holiday courses.  It was an idea I’d be toying with for some time.  I liked the idea of providing good food and wine in a relaxing environment where people could pursue their hobbies with knowledgeable tutors.  It’s still something I want to do – and there’s plenty of room here – but there need to be a few improvements before we can cater properly for a crowd.  Especially if they’re going to be paying us money. Continue reading The Spanish Project

Buying our property has been – an interesting journey.

Part of the Cactus Patch
Part of the Cactus Patch

The address, roughly translated is Number 1 Mizala Road, or, alternatively: Farmstead in the corner of Mizala.  The postman doesn’t even ring once though, never mind twice – so if you’d like to send anything through the post, please contact us for the post box address we use. Continue reading Buying our property has been – an interesting journey.

Lost in Translation

I went to visit the Ferreteria Lopez in Mojacar in my continuing quest to get the better of the Mizala mice.  I met the very helpful staff member who sold us the generator on our second day in Spain.  His English is very good, certainly very much better than my Spanish.  He told us that they had everything there; “everything but shame”, he explained.  I was confident, therefore that I would find what was needed in the vast store. Continue reading Lost in Translation