Eddie Izzard’s squirrel

Tonight was my first night turning off the generator.  It’s no good asking Mark to do it as he’s in Edinburgh.

I’ve turned it on before, just to prove I could, but tonight I had to go outside with a torch and tuck it up for the night.  There were no stars to admire unfortunately as it’s rather cloudy.  It’s very easy, you just turn off three switches in the reverse order from the turning-on operation.  I managed it without any problems and then had a crisis of confidence and had to go back and check that I had actually done it.

Life has been a bit like that recently.  I’m trying hard to adopt Mark’s philosophy (more of that anon) but most of the time I find myself double and triple checking everything “just in case”.  In case of what, I really don’t know, but check I must.

Every time I check the gas I think of Eddie Izzard’s squirrel.  Since I am not a ^&*^&* squirrel (I don’t like to swear in my blog as there may be people reading it who are still under the illusion that I am couth) it is perfectly reasonable for me to check that I have turned it off.  At least I know that my children will understand this particular reference.

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