Fragile Theatre and the Buxton Fringe

A Woman of Uncertain Age
A Woman of Uncertain Age

I started my professional career in Buxton.  They do say that jobs don’t just fall through the letterbox – but that’s exactly how I got my first paid job. 

Discovery Tapes were looking for local voiceover artists – I auditioned and was employed to read several scripts for them.  It was a great first job, and encouraged me to look for other work too.  I’d worked a lot with Buxton amateur company, Buxton Drama League, but the idea of doing professional work had always been an ambition of mine.

I worked with the REC theatre company and The Works as well as with writer Mary Hennessy (as both actor and director) and then became involved in the creation of Fragile Theatre which led to all sorts of other things!

Fragile Theatre was the brainchild of Sorrel Thomas, a good friend, a terrific actor, writer and director  – and the most hardworking and efficient producer I’ve ever known!  Together we worked on a number of productions: Huis Clos, Fish in the Sea, Who’s a Big Boy Then? Larkin With Women and two productions I wrote under the pen-name of Maggie Dealey: “A Woman of Uncertain Age” and “Butter Side Up”.

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