Maggie Dealey

Why Maggie Dealey?

My first play: “A Woman of Uncertain Age” was written for the Buxton Festival Fringe in 2003.  Since I was also going to be performing it, I decided to use a pseudonym – so that the acting could be judged separately from the writing.  woua-jpg_26575937420_o

If everyone hated it, I’d be able to say “Well, I did what I could with the material…”.

To my delight, no-one seemed to hate it and it won the Best New Writing award that year.

I performed it again in London at the Tristan Bates Theatre – where Michael Grady-Hall won the award for best direction for the production.  Yes, there is indeed a connection.  Michael is my son – and working with him as my director was an absolutely brilliant experience through which I learned a great deal about myself as both writer and actor.  I can heartily recommend him!

I wrote and directed “Butter Side Up” a couple of years later – followed by a new version with an extra character  which you can find on Stagescripts.  So far, it’s been performed in the UK, Australia and the US.  I learned so much about acting through directing   – and so much about writing too.   I think both my acting and my writing have improved through this experience.  Certainly it’s easier to understand the concerns of other creatives once you’ve stood in their shoes!  You can find out more about my experiences directing “Butter Side Up” in my blog post about my writing here.

You can find both scripts here:

A Woman of Uncertain Age

Butter Side Up

I have has also written a number of scripts for workshops and corporate events and I’m currently working on the screenplays for two short films and two feature films.