Tackling nerves

Being nervous before a performance or an audition is perfectly normal.

Most performers get nervous, however experienced they are.  If you look around a waiting room where people are waiting to audition, you may not be able to tell whether people are nervous or not, because we all deal with it differently.

You will need to work out your own way to deal with your own nerves.  Make sure you are in control of your breath, because this will affect your speaking voice. If you find your breath is high in your chest and you feel light-headed, try concentrating on the outward breath for a while and let the inward breath take care of itself.  It may help to think of nerves as “excitement” and let them fill you with a buzz and a sparkle.  Some people are able to embrace their nerves and go on the roller coaster ride, others need to calm their nerves and concentrate on relaxing.

Auditioners are well aware that auditionees get anxious, but, while they may make some allowances for dropped lines or tripping over your own feet, and won’t mind an occasional lapse of memory if your audition is good/exciting/interesting, they will expect you to be able to deal with your nerves during the audition.  If you can’t, how can they be confident that you will be able to deal with nerves during performance?

There is nothing more painful for an auditioner than watching auditionees paralysed by fear and looking as though they are hating every minute.  Try to look as though you are pleased to be there and allow the auditioners to relax and to enjoy meeting you. Give them the opportunity to concentrate on the audition, rather than worrying whether you are about to burst into tears.  You are there to show them what you can do and they honestly do want you to be confident and relaxed and at your best – their life is so much easier if you are!


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