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The stray who came to stay


We have a dog.

We didn’t intend to have a dog.

I went for a walk early one morning last July.  It’s so hot here in July and August that early morning is really the only time I can summon up the energy to do more than potter about.  If I walk on the track, I have to walk past the farm next door.  He has a couple of dogs who spend most of their lives in a pen – and who bark furiously at passers by.   As I made the return journey, I heard the patter of tiny feet.  Except they didn’t really sound tiny, and they were pattering rather fast in my direction.   Continue reading The stray who came to stay

Internet at last!

Well, that all took a bit longer than I had anticipated!

We have had a wonderful time so far, but it has been quite an adventure – rather more than we had bargained for.

It’s odd updating a blog in an internet cafe in Spain because everything I type looks like a spelling mistake and almost everything is underlined in red by helpful Spanish spell check.

So, where to start?  Probably easiest in date order: Continue reading Internet at last!