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Wonder walls – and wonder workers

There’s so much to do at the Cactus Patch: walls are crumbling and after the heavy rain we are surrounded by weeds.  Some of them shoulder high!  We’ve been very fortunate to have had help from some wonderful friends who have cleared paths, rebuilt walls, painted, mixed cement and tackled the very unfriendly vegetation.

Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back – but looking at some recent photos we can see just how much progress we have made.

A huge thank you to our energetic friends!IMG_0130

Preparing the outside seating area. Photo (and a lot of the hard graft!) courtesty of Mat and Jen.

Photos (and work) courtesy of Kevin Percival.Avebury-34



Blossom and snow (may you bloom and go)

One of the few things I miss about being in the UK is the way the seasons change.  Admittedly, in the Peak District, the seasons seemed to change out of kilter with some other places:  the winter could hang on and on – but eventually the spring would arrive.  The vivid green of the new leaves on trees in spring, the (intermittent) blue skies and sunshine in summer, the autumn leaves and then the crisp, snowy winter days.  They could all have their charm.

Here in the Mizala valley the changes are more subtle.  There aren’t many trees – and many of them are olive trees which keep their leaves year round.  It’s very dry and sunny and winter days can be as warm as UK summers.

This year has been rather different though.  The storms of last December were followed by the first snow in the valley that we had ever seen.  We found out later that it was the first snow here since 1939!20170119_083013

The sun soon returned and with it came the almond blossom and the most fabulous array of spring flowers.  My photography isn’t good enough to do it justice, but olive and almond groves are now covered in a lilac carpet and tiny yellow and white flowers are everywhere you tread.20170228_102222


Even the cactus is getting in on the act:20170228_102605