You should be on the stage…

…the next stage out of town.

The opening of AWFF
The opening of AWFF

We went to the Almeria Western Film Festival last week.  The opening parade reminded me of Buxton Carnival.
There were floats and home made costumes – some wonderful, some a bit thrown together – there were enthusiastic children and self conscious teenagers and quite a few adults who fitted very clearly in to the enthusiastic or self-conscious pigeon holes too.


The theme, unsurprisingly, was “Western”.  It looked as though the entire school population of Tabernas was in the parade.  I felt for the teachers attempting to control the hordes of small people permitted to carry toy guns: the temptation to stage fights was overwhelming for some of them.

Mini Hollywood and Fort Bravo (the local theme parks) had also supplied stage coaches for the parade, and there were plenty of people on horseback.  I was worried that we wouldn’t make it to the theatre in time for the opening – but there was a relaxed approach to the timetable and we were there before the organisers…

Almeria Western Film Festival Red Carpet
Almeria Western Film Festival Red Carpet

Maybe there’ll be a chance for a Cactus Patch production to be featured here one day!

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